Statement of Faith

The Word of God – We believe that the scriptures are the inspired written Word of God. The Holy Spirit came upon called and chosen men of their time and inspired the writings we find today in the Bible.

The Trinity – We believe that there is only one true God, which consists of three persons, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Sin – Sin is disobedience to the commands of God, which we find in His Word

The need of a savior – As a result of our fallen sin nature, we are in need of a savior. The plenty for sin is death, and unless it is paid, that person will suffer eternal separation from God. We cannot pay this on our own through good works. God so loved the world, that while we were yet sinners, He sent His dear son to pay the price for our sin on our behalf. It is up to us to believe God and accept this payment for our sins. Salvation comes through Jesus alone and by no other means can a man be saved.

The new birth experience – When we accept the work of Christ on the cross, we become born again – that is, given a new life in Christ

Jesus Christ – He is the messiah, the Son of God, the promised one sent from the Father to save us from our sins. Jesus is an exact representation of the Father, and he went about demonstrating the will of His Father in heaven for us. Jesus is God who came in the flesh, and by Him, all things were made.

Water Baptism – When we accept Christ, we are said to be buried into his death, meaning that our old sinful nature dies, and we are raised to new life with Christ. Water baptism symbolically represents the washing away of our past, and being raised to new life.
Baptism of the Holy Spirit – We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with evidence of speaking in tongues. This is a second experience beyond the new birth experience. It’s purpose is to endue you with power from on high to be greater witnesses unto the world, and to live a life of power in the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is available to every believer in Jesus Christ.