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         Zena Wongel Ministry is faith based volunteers’ organization committed to promote equal access to the Gospel, education, training and employment opportunities to blind people by means of holistic supports aimed at unlocking the potentials and capabilities of these people. We work to build the skills of blind people and promote the formation of inclusive communities so that the blind could prosper in their spiritual, social and economic life. In line with this, our ministry will launch Braille literacy campaigns and give basic computer trainings with speech software to the blind. We will also provide an integrated resource center service equipped with adaptive technologies that suit the needs of people with visual impairment.

 Message from the founder

      If everyone of us takes care for his/her descendants, ascendants, brothers, sisters, etc; considerate to his/her friends, neighbors and community members; ….is compassionate for the needy, the sick and the bereaved;...feels responsible towards his/her country and fellow people as well as fellow human beings with active participation in positive and constructive actions;

What could be the outcome? Wouldn’t the world be a completely different place?

Of course! It will be.

Our Mission

 Prepare Bible teaching materials and distribute to the members of the target group free of charge;
•Enable the target group learn the gospel;...Detail

Faith Statement

The Word of God - We believe that the scriptures are the inspired written Word of God. The Holy Spirit came upon called and chosen men of their time and inspired the writings we find today in the Bible....Detail

Bank Details

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Arat Killo Branch
Account Name: Zena Wengel Ministry
Swift Code: CBETETAA
Account Number: 1000107926341


Zena Wengel Ministry
Kolfe Keranio Sub-city
P.O.Box 12279, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251-944-077171
Email: (
Website: (

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