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Facts Deserving Immediate Action

Disability has been a source of all sorts of problems including economic hardship, social stigma, segregation and discrimination in Ethiopia. We believe that this is true everywhere in the world, although, it might be in varying degrees.

 It is estimated that about 10% of the total population of Ethiopia is affected by disability of one sort or another. This means that about eight or nine million people may be victims of some kind of disability.

 A significant portion of the victims belongs to the blind and visually impaired community. This may be clearly understood by observing religious centers, public places or institutions, etc. Perhaps, most of them may have to earn their living by means of begging which is of course regrettable.

In Ethiopia, loss of sight is caused by both natural and man made factors. The leading natural causes include: trachoma, glaucoma, river blindness and cataract. In the case of man made causes, armed conflicts and mines were said to be the main factors.

In certain parts of Ethiopia, blind persons have been subjected to incredibly horrifying harmful practices. Some are kept in the house or in a secluded confinement as prisoners where no outsider can see them. They could be ill fed and ill dressed. What is worse, in a certain ethnic community, blind babies were said to be buried alive until not long ago. This was the result of superstitious beliefs and ignorance which characterized blindness as a curse brought about by sin incurring the wrath of a supreme power.

On the other hand, there have been instances where extremely greedy and wicked individuals who abducted or stole small children and deliberately rendered them blind by pricking their eyes with sharp objects or using other cruel methods, so that they could engage them in beggary to supplement their insatiable hunger for ill gain. more..


Our Mission

 Prepare Bible teaching materials and distribute to the members of the target group free of charge;
•Enable the target group learn the gospel;...Detail

Faith Statement

The Word of God - We believe that the scriptures are the inspired written Word of God. The Holy Spirit came upon called and chosen men of their time and inspired the writings we find today in the Bible....Detail

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